5 Keys to Setting Up a Successful Twitter Account October 01 2014

For many users worldwide Twitter has become a crucial tool for maintaining contacts, exchanging opinions and making new connections.  So, how can you start taking advantage of all that Twitter has to offer?  Here are 5 keys to setting up a Twitter account for your business:

1.  Choose Your Twitter Handle

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your twitter handle:

  • Make it as short as reasonably possible
  • You should include your brand or business name
  • The handle should be easy to spell

    2.  Set Up Your Profile

    Make sure you keep your Twitter account consistent with your other marketing efforts.  Consider using your logo for your profile picture or use a personal picture if that's how your brand is known.  Try to include a nice, attractive photo as your banner across the top.  Photo suggestions include a picture of your store or merchandise you carry.  You will also want to customize your background so it is consistent with your overall scheme.

    3.  Complete Your Bio 

    You have 160 characters to squeeze in as much information about your business as you can.  Make sure you use them.  Prepare a bio that has keywords for your business.  This is good to do for 2 reasons: first, this will increase the chances of your account being found in searches for certain keywords (including brand-related search terms); second, this will produce a favorable first impression on your visitors.  Be sure to include your city if you are looking for local business.  Put a link to your website in your bio.  Over 80% of people use Twitter on their smartphones, so make it easy for them to click from your bio to your website.

    4.  Create Your First Several Tweets

    Before you take your Twitter global, create your first batch of tweets. These will show potential followers what you normally tweet about and what they should expect from you.  Remember, each tweet can only be 140 characters long, so you’ll have to be smart with your words. Aim to be concise without getting too casual; it doesn’t look very professional when you use shorthand like a texting teenager.

    5.  Give Your Profile a Jump Start

    A Twitter account with zero followers does not produce the most favorable impression. Before you do anything to promote your new account, ask as many people as you can to follow it. Just let your friends, colleagues, family members or old-time clients know that you now have this new Twitter account and ask them to follow you.