8 Tips to Drive Traffic From Pinterest June 08 2015

If you are not yet using Pinterest for your store, you need to be doing so! The e-commerce web-building giant, Shopify, recently analyzed data from over 529,000 of their online store orders to find that Pinterest was the second largest social source for traffic (over Twitter), and resulting visits had the third highest average order value (beating Facebook).  That alone should be reason enough to start using Pinterest for your store!  If you need more incentive, keep in mind that as of April 2015 Pinterest had approximately 73 million users.

So now you know you should use Pinterest for your store but how do you go about it? Here are a few ways to drive sales and traffic with Pinterest:

 1.  Gain Followers / Increase Engagement

Grow a following of engaged Pinners that interact with your Pins and see them on their home feeds. You can add the follow button to your website and promote your profile and boards with widgets and email campaigns.  Also, include signage in your store and on business cards with your Pinterest sitename. 

 2.  Install the Pin It Button

One of the easiest and most important things any website can do to help people to discover their items on Pinterest is to install the Pin It button. The Pin It button makes it easy for people to save and share things they find on your site. These Pins link back to your website and increase the spread of your content across Pinterest.

 3. Keep Your Info Fresh

Ideally you should pin daily to maintain a healthy stream of content.  You want Pinners to engage and interact with your Pins on a daily basis.  Be careful though not to overwhelm your followers with too much content at once.  You do not want to monopolize their feed as they may get annoyed and unfollow you.

 4. Optimize Your Visuals

As Pinterest is all about images, you’ll need to come up with great visuals to entice people. Here’ are a few ways optimize your pictures to increase their chances of being repined:

    • Try not to use real faces. Images without faces receive 23 percent more repins
    • Use dominant colors in your images (aim for reds vs blues)
    • Use the 2:3 aspect ratio for images (aim for taller rather than wider)
    • If applicable, use a clever mix of pictures, text overlays and step-by-step instructions to create sharable images. These are also referred to as ‘how to’ images

 5. Add Your Website or Company Name to Images

Images can generate more traffic if they have your website address or company name on them. This way when people see your image on Pinterest, even if it has been re-published on another website and shared from there, they will always know that you created it and can learn more about your company by visiting your website. So make sure you add your website address to images like quotes which people tend to re-publish on other places.

 6. Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Utilizing Rich Pins is a powerful way to increase both your search impressions and clicks. They add more textual content to your Pins, helping them rank better. Rich Pins have extra information and stand out more on the grid, helping drive clicks. 

 7. Ensure Link Quality

Make sure your Pins link back to relevant, high-quality content that includes the Pin image or video. Pins with spammy and irrelevant links are often demoted.

  8. Host a Contest

Contests are a great way to attract more traffic and followers directly to your Pinterest boards and indirectly to your website. Make sure to read Pinterest's guidelines about hosting contests before you start. Create a buzz about your contest by promoting it to your email list, other social networks, and website visitors and be sure to mention the date that the winner will be announced.